Community policing resources and courses

from Indian Country Training Institute.

After completing this course, you will be able to describe the basic elements of Community Policing, identify the major challenges to public safety in Indian Country, and discuss how to apply the SARA problem solving model and use Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) to collaboratively work on resolving these challenges.

This course will introduce participants to the process of forming a collaborative partnership to address local challenges to public safety.

This course introduces learners to effective strategies for overcoming challenges to collaboration, including identifying common kinds of challenges to collaborative work, as well as ways to avoid or overcome each challenge.

This course introduces learners to real world examples of collaborative community partnerships in tribal communities that advance community policing objectives.

Tribal youth are our future, but too often get involved with the justice system because of delinquency or victimization. This course describes and analyzes promising community policing approaches to working with youth.

Introductory course to handling domestic violence cases for tribal law enforcement.

Introductory course on concepts of community policing for tribal law enforcement.

Map of states where PL 83-280 is in effect, giving states jurisdiction over tribal matters.