Alcohol and substance abuse prevention.
This course is designed to acquaint participants with the dangers related to Internet use by children and teens. In addition, simple suggestions are offered to assist in protecting young Internet users.  
Equipped with this information, the participant will be better prepared to assist young people in safe ways to utilize the Internet and protect themselves from online predators.

This course is designed to provide an overview of the most popular types of drugs encountered by law enforcement officers. Participants will view drug images, their methods of use, their effects and various types of paraphernalia common to drug abuse.

This course is designed to give the participant an overview of the problems associated with inhalant abuse.  With this information, the law enforcement officer should be better equipped to recognize and interdict cases of inhalant abuse. In addition, participants should have a foundational awareness to assist in developing educational programs in the community.

This course increases awareness of prescription, synthetic and over the counter drug abuse. The course covers such topics as prescription drug diversion, proper disposal, cough medicines and synthetic drugs such as K-2 Spice (synthetic marijuana), and bath salts.